Pool Room Dehumidification

If you can’t get the moisture out, you are in for trouble! We can help in reducing pool room energy costs.

By controlling indoor swimming pool room humidity and room air temperature a stabilized room environment is achieved by the dehumidifier. Very little outside air, and the energy to heat or cool it, is needed. Conventional indoor pool room systems waste huge amounts of energy by exhausting large volumes of previously heated or cooled air to the outdoors. Most times the air replacing the exhausted air contains more moisture than is ideal for an indoor swimming pool room.

This process destabilizes the indoor pool room causing unpleasant conditions to exist. Our dehumidification systems’ primary function is to protect the investment you made in your indoor swimming pool room. Normal ventilation systems are hit or miss propositions at best. They waste huge amounts of energy dollars and only marginally protect your indoor pool room.

All of the dehumidifiers we install are factory test run to assure efficiency and capacity. The operation of the dehumidifier is completely automatic. A humidistat starts the dehumidifier upon a build-up of humidity in the room and stops when the set point is reached. The room heating or cooling is controlled by an automatic change over thermostat that controls the optional remote condenser.

Advantages Of The Dehumidifiers We Install:

  • Humidity Control: Stabilize room conditions through dehumidification
  • Indoor Pool Room Heating: Recovering energy from the dehumidification process will often heat an entire pool room for the cost of operating the dehumidifier alone.
    Indoor Pool Room Cooling: An optional remote condenser will allow the dehumidification system to cool the pool room during the warm months.
  • Pool Water Heating: An optional pool water heating coil contained as part of the dehumidifier can heat the pool water under certain conditions.
  • Supplemental Pool Room Heating: An optional heater may be added to the dehumidification system to add additional room heating when needed.
  • Easy to Maintain: The dehumidification system is a closed loop system with nothing to oil or lubricate. Simple return air filter maintenance is all that is needed.
  • Installation: The dehumidification system is typically a ducted system similar to the heating and cooling presently in your home.
  • Trouble Free Automatic Operation