Sometimes heating & cooling costs are unexpected, or come at a time that isn’t great for you. That’s why we have financing available!

Financing Options 

Through our partners, GoodLeap and Michigan Saves, we can provide incredible financing to our customers. That way, if you have an unexpected expense or would like to pay for your purchase over time, you can do exactly that. With Reduced APR rates and offers, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t have to pay for everything right away.

You can apply for any of the financing options available on the AMS Financial website. The application is 100% online and you will know whether or not you’re approved for the financing almost immediately. Once you’ve been approved, the team at Michigan Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing can apply any and all of your bill(s) to the financing.

Financing is just one way we help our customers get the best products and services in the heating and cooling industry. Thank you for your business!



We have partnered with GoodLeap to offer flexible payment options for your project. GoodLeap uses a soft credit check until funding and the highest score from all 3 bureaus to see if you qualify. It also takes just a few minutes to get started.

GoodLeap is a sustainable home solutions marketplace. We provide simple, fast, and frictionless point-of-sale technology for countless mission-driven professionals serving millions of people who want to upgrade their homes and save money. Our platform offers flexible ways for consumers to pay for a wide range of sustainable products, including solar panels, battery storage, smart home devices, modern HVAC systems, energy efficient windows, upgraded roofing, water-saving turf, and more. We are committed to caring for the planet, building lasting relationships with our valued partners and customers, and delivering cutting-edge technology that enables more people to embrace a sustainable lifestyle. Find out more about GoodLeap by visiting their website by clicking here.

Michigan Saves

Michigan Saves is a  nonprofit dedicated to making energy improvements easier for all Michigan energy consumers. To accomplish this, Michigan Saves operates as a green bank, making affordable financing and incentives available through grants and partnerships with private sector lenders and energy providers. We also authorize and monitor a network of contractors and recognize those with advanced training while providing technical assistance for customers and contractors alike. Our current portfolio includes programs for residential, commercial, and municipal customers, and supports energy-efficiency, geothermal, and solar PV projects.We are a proud member and partner with the Michigan Saves organization. Find out more about Michigan Saves by visiting their website by clicking here.

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